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Driver CPC Courses Available

Drivers Hours


This module explores the rules and regulations relating to Drivers’ Hours and Working Time Regulations affecting mobile workers.

Professional Drivers


This module looks into common workplace and driving-related issues that affect all professional drivers.

Health & Safety


During this module, drivers will learn about workplace health and safety in the context of their daily work.

Haulage Operations: Compliance & Enforcement


This module provides drivers with an insight into a range of operator compliance issues affecting haulage operations.

Haulage Operations: Road Freight Compliance


This module looks into common regulations and documentary requirements affecting domestic and international road freight transport.

Load Safety, Load Security, Load Care


During this module, drivers will explore safety considerations and the regulations concerning load safety in road freight haulage.

More Driver CPC Courses Available

Analogue and Digital Tachographs


This module provides drivers with an introduction to analogue and digital tachograph usage as well as the regulations that govern their usage.

Emergency Actions and Precedures


This module explores potential everyday emergency situations that the professional goods vehicle driver might encounter and ways in which the risk can be minimised.

Safe and Economic Driving (THEORY)


This module explores factors relating to LGV fuel consumption and provides drivers with an insight into safe and fuel efficient driving techniques.

Vehicle Systems


This module provides an overview of the various components and systems found on the modern large goods vehicle.

On The Road


Throughout this module, drivers will look into common safety and regulatory issues related to driving a large goods vehicle on the public highway.

Mental Health


Throughout this module, drivers will explore an array of mental health issues, what causes them, and how they can seek help 

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